Todd's Tips: 3 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Visit the Chiropractor


I'm often asked by expecting mothers, "Is it safe to see a chiropractor?" After nearly 25 years as a chiropractor, I can assure you it is safe for you and for the baby.

Here are 3 reasons why you should see your chiropractor if you're expecting: 

1. Your back will feel better. Most women will experience lower back pain during pregnancy, so to alleviate that pain and take off the pressure will make you one happy mom.

2. It can help with sleep. When you're pregnant, you can't get comfortable. That's a fact. Getting adjusted regularly will help keep you aligned and allow for better sleep. 

3. It controls symptoms of nausea. The American Pregnancy Association states that visiting your chiropractor can help with that awful morning sickness.

It seems to me that every year or two, I have a patient who comes in carrying a brand new baby. The mother tells me, "I wish I could've seen you when I was pregnant."

"Why didn't you?" I usually ask.

She'll say something like, "Oh, my OB said no" or "I was afraid it wasn't safe," or "I didn't know we could."

Yes, you can see your chiropractor. Yes, it's safe. And yes, you should come in today.

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Dr. Todd Park is a
4th-generation chiropractor serving the Yukon, Oklahoma residents for over 20 years.