Todd’s Tips: Spare Your Back, Grow Your Yard

While I love all the extra business we get in the summer, I don’t want my patients overworking too soon. Although I won’t be there to mow your lawn or plant the garden, I’ve got some tips today to help you make yard work less back-breaking.

1. Slow down.

Don’t do everything all in one day. There are plenty of hot days left for you to get things done. Try to break things up throughout the week or push your to-do list to the next weekend.

2. Get your muscles used to this kind of work.

You don’t go to the gym and lift as much weight as possible on your first day, right? So don’t go overboard when you’re hauling dirt and trimming the hedges. Take it easy on your muscles. 

3. Listen to your body.

If you’re bending over and your body says, “This is too tough!” then stand up and take a break. You can get back to it later. Remember: "Listen to your body when it whispers so you don't have to hear it scream."

During this time of year, the grass is green and the pool is nice, but wouldn’t it be better to spend your money on new flowers instead of an office visit?

Dr. Todd Park is a
4th-generation chiropractor serving the Yukon residents for over 20 years.